ESA Dogs As Service Animals

What Are Service Animals Used For An Why Do Businesses Have To Accept Them?

You may have seen a dog helping a disabled person around town and wondered exactly what service animals are and why they’re allowed into most businesses. The most common type of service animal seen in the public are dogs that help those who are blind, but there are many other service animals that assist with a variety of different disabilities. Here we’ll take a look at what service animals are and why businesses are required by law to accept them into public spaces.

The most common type of service animal are dogs and they assist those who are blind, deaf, and those that are physically disabled or in wheelchairs. They can alert their owner to dangers that they may not see or hear and they can assist the owner in a wheelchair to getting places that would be difficult for the handicapped person to go on their own. Dogs, however, are not the only type of service animals and there are others including monkeys, as an example, which are very good at getting things for their owner which the owner could not get on their own.

Do The Service Animals Need To Be Certified?

Certification requirements vary between states and some do require certification, while others do not. Even so, most businesses are required to allow service animals into a place of business even if the owner does not have any documentation to prove the animal is certified or not. Furthermore, the owner does not need to demonstrate proof that the animal is a service animal. All they need to do is declare that the animal is a service animal and the business owner is required by law to allow them into any and all public places and not segregate them from other customers.